Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What We've Been Up To

C-man told Santa he thinks he has enough toys. (Wise beyond his years huh!) Although that isn't what he tells me when he looks at the toy catalogs!

C-man wanted to take a few pictures, this one was pretty good!

C-man with the neighbor boys. They would have stayed out all day if we let them!

My baby turned 7 months! He is such a happy guy!

Our "Griswald Family Christmas" moment! We cut down our own tree. There are all kinds of things I could tell about this. Let me just say this one wouldn't have fit in my front room! (A great story for another time perhaps)

When we were all still excited and happy about finding a tree in the freezing cold, snowy mountains! Maybe next year we will have a better idea about what we are doing...or use the artificial tree I (really!) love.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Free Christmas Surprise!

I love getting stuff free, so imagine how giddy I was this morning when I found out Snapfish was giving away free flip books! (There is $2 shipping, but I'm still counting it as free!) Just go here to find out the code and get to work! The promo only last until December 13. Now I just have to find 30 minutes to get it done! Consider it a gift from me..that you have to pay for yourself!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ring in Christmas!

I love Christmas music and I love unpacking the Christmas CD's each year. Nothing says "Christmas is Coming" like belting out a few carols once in a while. I just have to share my favorite Christmas CD with you....Jewel Joy: A Holiday Collection. So if you need some new Christmas tunes, this one is great! If anyone else has a favorite Christmas collection, let me know..we are always looking.

Friday, November 20, 2009

What! My Mouse was Dirty!

Cleaning Poem
I asked the Lord to tell me
Why my house is such a mess.
He asked if I'd been 'computering',
And I had to answer 'yes.'
He told me to get off my fanny,
And tidy up the house.
And so I started cleaning up...
The smudges off my mouse.
I wiped and shined the topside..
That really did the trick.....
I was just admiring my good work.
I didn't mean to 'click.'
But click, I did, and oops -
I found
A real absorbing site
That I got SO way into it -
I was into it all night.
Nothing's changed except my mouse.
It's very, very shiny.
I guess my house will stay a mess.......
While I sit here on my hiney.

~Author unknown

I found this at Lipstick and Laundry as I was sitting on my hiney wondering why my house was so messy! Hmmm...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Melt My Heart

Last week we went to the Doctors office for a 6 month old check-up for Baby Brother, and a 4- year well check for C-man. First of all you gotta know I have never been quicker than 2 hours at the Doctor since Baby Brother has been born! They are sooo slow and no matter what time I schedule an appointment someone is hungry, or tired, or bored (including me!) After wrestling and entertaining 1 or 2 kids for 2 hours I usually leave the office sweating, hungry, in a bad mood and with a crying baby.

Well this visit was following the same pattern, plus I was paranoid about my kids touching the toys in the waiting room because there have been so many sick kids lately! C-man knew he was going to have shots and was old enough to be pretty worried about it. He didn't need any at his 3 year old visit so the last time he had shots was when he was 2 and that is a long time ago!

I started wondering how or why I scheduled both boys for the same day! How was I going to hold one kid who was crying and the other to get shots! Lucky for me the nurses must be used to this situation because they just took Baby Brother while C-man was getting weighed, measured and a quick eye test.

After visiting with the doctor for a few minutes, he left and C-man knew shots were coming next. He had himself all worked up and nervous. (Although, I do have to admit I was glad I didn't need any!) The nurses came in and took Baby Brother out and then I sat on the table and they showed me how to hold C-man on my lap; wrap my legs around his, and cross his arms around himself. I felt a little bad for the poor boy and of course he was looking right at the needle as the nurses jabbed those shots in his thighs. He had 4 shots! Then as quick as they came in to give shots, the nurses swooped in with suckers and a T-shirt. C-man was so excited that he got 4 suckers..for 4 shots, and the nurses told him the t-shirt meant he never had to get shots again until he was a teenager! He liked that! He was just getting himself composed when it was Baby Brother's turn.

We laid him on the table and I didn't think C-man was paying any attention at all, but when the nurses told me to hold his hands and they started wiping the alcohol swabs on Baby Brothers legs, C-man started crying and yelling "Don't hurt my little brother! It is going to hurt him! Don't make him cry! Please, Stop!" At this point after a long visit to the Doctors office I started with a few tears of my own!

I'm looking forward to the next Doctor visit!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We Honor You

Thank You Veterans!
A great book to read today is Flag of Our Fathers by James Bradley

Friday, October 30, 2009

New House

We may be getting a new house!
It might be blue with a working mailbox.
We can finally have a dog and doggie door,
Plus a vegetable garden with no weeds!

This is a super cute idea for anyone who needs a fall project!
(If anyone makes one, make one for me too!
Check out all four sides at Homemade by Jill
You may be getting a new house too!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rainy/Snowy Day Plan

"Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up. -A. A. Milne

I'm planning on snowy and rainy weather this week.
To be prepared for the next cold wet day I have a plan of how to enjoy the day!
1. Wear a comfy sweatshirt and slippers all day. (And don't worry if people think I look slob-ish)
2. Play my violin for awhile. I passed off book 2 a few years ago, but haven't played much since then.
3. Make cookies! Something C-man and I like to do on cold days. Probably Pumpkin Chocolate Chip; even though Bruce doesn't like that kind. Sorry honey!
4. Make a cool hut in the basement and finally play Pokemon figures with C-man. We basically play Pokemon house with a little "battling," hey, that's how moms play.
5. Read a book during nap time. (I better get one soon..suggestions?)

This post was "homework" from the Travelin Oma blog. Actually it was "late homework" since the assignment was given during the end of October..oops.

**Thanks Kenz, I borrowed your great picture!**

P.S. HELP! I started this post on Oct. 27 but just posted today on Nov. 11. Does anyone know how to make the post show todays date and not the date I started the post? I tried changing the date where it says "post options" but it didn't work apparently.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Time

One of our favorite scenes, The Keebler Elves!

Baby Brother showing his fall enthusiasm

The classic Yoda photo op!

The Pumpkin Walk has started in North Logan! C-man, Baby Brother, me and my mom ran over on Thursday. The theme is "And now a word from our sponsors!" It is so great to go in the daytime when it isn't so crazy busy. We usually try to go once during the day and sometime when things are all lit up! So come on over to good old North Logan and see the pumpkins!

It is running Oct. 22-27 (except Sunday) from 9 am - 10 pm. I have gone on Sunday and it is kinda nice. Everything is set up but they won't have the witch there or hand out cookies, and obviously the lights and music won't be on.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How Cool

My mom grew up in one of the fun old houses on Center Street in Logan and she always told me about her neighbor friend who had a secret passage-way in an old fireplace that went to a playroom. How cool!

Well at My Creative Attempts, she and her husband actually built a secret bookshelf doorway! Now I think I want one at my house someday to get to the storage room, or a fun playroom.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Precious

We made these Halloween witch's finger cookies tonight! They were easy to make, and would be lots of fun to take to a Halloween party or to the neighbors. I thought it might be fun to add a little green food coloring to the dough (next year.)

They did the trick in the spooky department: C-man really wanted to make them but after I took them outside for the kids he was too nervous to eat one. My neighbor boys wanted to know if they were real fingers...I finally convinced them that they were real "cookie" fingers and they ate some.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Share the Love!

This is your chance to help someone else!
There is a little family in Richmond dealing with a big issue. Their little girl has cancer.
A friend from high school has set up a fundraiser for this family and little Taylie.
The money will be a big help to the family but I have also learned that sometimes it is just as helpful to know that someone else is thinking about you and acknowledges and supports your hard times!

Here is how it works:
Everyone that makes a post on their blog or facebook page about Taylie will earn the family $2.
Thanks to a kind donor we can easily raise some quick money for this family.

1. Link Taylie's website on your blog with any message that you'd like to about inspiring and helping each other. Then make sure to leave a link to Kylene's blog so people know where to go to enter their information, go to Kylene's blog and let her know you have linked Talie's blog to your blog, that way she knows the money pot is growing...remember each link is worth $2.00.

After the weekend they will count the comments on Kylene's blog and hopefully write a big check out to the Abbott family.

Oh, by the way...everyone who leaves a comment will be entered to win a nice, black Prada bag!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Thank You!
I'm lucky to have friends like you!
(You know who you are!)

Friday, October 2, 2009


This is the first thing I see in the morning.

Six stitches and five days later.

Three words: Early Morning Basketball!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's for Dinner?

I'm feeling pretty good today because it is 11:00 a.m. and I already know what we are having for dinner! Most days it doesn't work quite like this at my house. Usually around 3:30 I start looking through the cupboards to see what we can throw together. I call Bruce a lot and have him stop by the grocery store on the way home from work to get a few things. We end up having our "regulars quite a bit: tacos, taco soup, french dip sandwiches, sweet and sour chicken, pizza, and I admit it..cold cereal or oatmeal!

I decided to be more organized and try some type of meal planning. I've planned out meals weeks at a time before and then done one big shopping trip but for some reason it didn't work too well. Does anyone have a marvelous way they plan out menus? Or does anyone actually plan out menus?

I found this idea at littlenannygoat that you should check it out. If only I could think of 30 meals that my family will actually eat!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Calling all Heroes!

All of the little heroes!

The Superman mask was a little freaky sometimes!

Our cousin the cute little Batgirl

Carter is getting ready for cake!

Holy Heroes Batman! Saturday was C-mans birthday and we had "Super-Hero Training." It was lots of fun and kids in costumes are the cutest! Happy Birthday Spidey!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

They grow up this fast?

C-Man posing for his "first day of pre-school" picture!

The best shot I could get! The training wheels are pushed all the way up off the ground.

C-man has been riding this little bike now for a few summers and has basically mastered as much as you can master on a bike this size with training wheels. He was even starting to pop wheelies! He decided that he would try no training wheels about a week ago. Bruce took of the little training wheels and we walked up to the church parking lot. Bruce ran behind him and he just did it! He didn't fall or anything. He had a few wobbles and needed help on take-offs, but he pretty much just did it! A few days later I told him to go out and start practicing and I would get my shoes and be right out. Before I got out I saw him through the window riding just fine. He just taught himself to start out by himself!

On Wednesday he had his first day of pre-school! He was so excited he woke up at 2:00 a.m. and wanted to know if he was later for school yet! This kid has been watching the elementary bus stop out our front window since he was 2. One day when he was younger he came crying to me. I asked what was wrong and he said "Mom, the bus left me!" The whole family was so excited for C-man's big day at school. Miss Becky is in for a great year!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

School Time!

Every August I start getting excited for back to school time! Then I remember that I'm not going back to school! I really miss the first weeks of teaching school; new kids, new supplies, and new clothes! I still have crazy strong urges to buy stacks of folders when they go on sale for $0.10 and those great kid scissors! I also need new cute pencils and cool erasers for my prize box. I miss the smell of rubber cement and Sharpies! I need to write names on folders and notebooks and label everything! At least C-man is starting preschool in about a week! ..Alas..if only teachers could choose their own hours huh?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love it!

I really think this idea is super cute!
But I need one of these

To make on of these for!

It is made from an old men's button up shirt!

Friday, August 7, 2009

6 Years Already!

Bruce and I have been married for 6 years today!
Where does the time go! Seriously!

Happy Anniversary Honey!
I knew we were perfect for each other when we were dating and you gave me the Snicker chunks from your Snickers Ice Cream!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Your Lucky Day

I just have to pass on a good deal when I see one; and I have been seeing a lot lately on QVC and HSN. For some reason I now really like to watch the home shopping network if there is nothing great on TV. (That happens a lot it seems like) I just leave it on in the background while I am doing something else at night and believe me, they have lots of stuff I NEED! Who doesn't need a new set of non-stick cookware, or that great necklace, and I am now a Philosophy girl wanna be!

So the Bare Escentuals line is apparently this great make-up line! Now you can try it for free! (Well actually $1.00 for shipping) Just go here and look for the box on the right side that says Free 10-day sample. When you add it to your cart it looks like shipping will be $3.95 but it ends up to only $1.00 in the end.

Now, don't you feel like you have had your shopping fix for the day, knowing you got such a good deal! Me, too!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Domestic Goddess Day

Today we got a little crazy and decided to make raspberry freezer jam. I'm not much of a "Domestic Goddess." I have canned salsa and peaches before but I've always done it at my mom's house with her help. Let's just say my canning and preserving skills are limited. BUT...I do have a little confidence when it comes to freezer jam! I can make it all by myself and have yet to really mess it up! Go ahead..give it a try sometime.

This is a yummy and easy recipe that I use:
Mix together 2-3 cups sugar with 4-5 Tbsp. instant clear-jel (I get it from Kitchen Kneads)
In a seperate bowl mix together 1/4 c. lemon juice, 1/2 c. corn syrup and 5 cups of fruit. (Measure out 5 cups and then blend it.)
Pour the sugar/clear-jel into the fruit mixture.
Stir well.
Put into freezer safe containers.
Freeze! It's done.

Baby Brother is all ready to help out! He helped by not needing to eat, or have a diaper change!

C-Man helped as much as a 3 year old can help!

We are both ready to go in our aprons!

Our raspberries we picked at Grandmas house!
C-man and I had a few samples while we picked!

You need Karo, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Instant Clear-Jel and probably a Diet Coke!

First mix the sugar and clear-jel together.

Pour the sugar mixture into the fruit mixture and stir well!

Pour into freezer containers! Here is our finished product!

Lick off the dishes and you are really done!

All we were missing is a fat piece of homemade bread to put it on! Hmm..another lesson to learn.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family Reunion Time

This was a brief but memorable moment at our Israelsen family reunion...The Zip Line!

Hang on C-man

I am yelling something like "Bruce, be careful!"

I have been going to Grandpa Israelsen's cabin since I was a little girl for a family reunion every summer. Now it just keeps getting bigger since my cousins are all starting to get married and have spouses and kids. We all still have a great time together. The theme this year was EFI (Especially for Israelsen's) so C-man was quite excited that he got a new T-shirt. I taught a little class called "Writing your Personal History in 1 hour." We had lots of other little classes like car maintenance, making candy, budgeting, etc. That was a new twist that we have never done before at the reunion. We still had the reunion classics like Dutch Oven dinner, the zip line, and lots of talking and laughing. Maybe next year we will actually want to stay over in a tent since Baby Brother will be a little older! Aren't families great!

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Favorite Things about Summer

1. Watermelon is in season
2. Waking up to the sound of the neighbors lawnmower (I really do like it; it just means Summer!)
3. Playing in the water
4. Family reunions
5. Flip-flops everyday!
6. Parades
7. Shaved Ice
8. Hot Dogs and marshmallows cooked over the fire
9. Staying up late
10. Fireworks

Friday, June 19, 2009

Baby Brother's Big Day

A few weeks ago we blessed Baby Brother at church. It was extra special because he got blessed with his new cousin Edith. (My brother Ryan and s.i.l. McKenzie's new little girl) Unfortunately McKenzie and I both had other things on our minds because we never got a picture of the two together.

We were planning on having all of our friends and family eat at the park but of course when I woke up that morning it was raining. Things got a little crazy for a while because we have 9:00 church, Bruce had to leave for meetings at 8:00 and I was running around trying to get 2 kids ready and clean the house so we could have an undetermined number of people eat at our place.
After a little drama and a lot of help from my sister we made it to church and things were great.

I just love how sweet and precious little babies are. Both babies were great and both blessings were beautiful. (Plus I really like all of the yummy salads that people bring to things like this!)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Brother Syndrome

A proud big brother!


C-man and Baby Brother

C-man pretty much loves being a big brother; but I can tell he is having a hard time. It seems like every time he asks me to play Batman or dig in the sandbox I am telling him "I can't right now, I have to feed Baby Brother," or "I will a little bit later." The poor kid is getting no attention and I feel so bad. He is grumpy and doesn't mind anymore. What happened to my favorite 3-year old?
HELP! Am I permanently damaging his self-esteem by choosing to nap instead of play with him? Will he hate me forever? Is there any secret out there to get through this?
He'll forget it all in a year anyway, right?