Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Brother Syndrome

A proud big brother!


C-man and Baby Brother

C-man pretty much loves being a big brother; but I can tell he is having a hard time. It seems like every time he asks me to play Batman or dig in the sandbox I am telling him "I can't right now, I have to feed Baby Brother," or "I will a little bit later." The poor kid is getting no attention and I feel so bad. He is grumpy and doesn't mind anymore. What happened to my favorite 3-year old?
HELP! Am I permanently damaging his self-esteem by choosing to nap instead of play with him? Will he hate me forever? Is there any secret out there to get through this?
He'll forget it all in a year anyway, right?


mckenzie said...

I sure hope so! I almost cry every night worrying that I've ruined Craig.

Shanna said...

I am not a mom, but I think you will be fine! You are an awesome mom Val.

Annette said...

Hey Valerie,
You are an oldest child and you turned out pretty darn good! Carter will be just fine...the bright side being he won't be a totally narcistic! JK...but he really will be just fine..we all went through it to some degree!
You are an awesome mom! By the way cute blog!!