Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Angel is 2!

This is my newest treasure that my neighbor did for us. It has Jayden's real hand molds so Mommy can always remember.
The birthday party was a bit cold and windy! We sang and ate in the car where it was warmer!

Our Angel Baby turned 2 a few days ago! I can't believe how fast time goes by. We had a little birthday party at the cemetery; but ended up in the car for most of it because of the wind and rain. (The rest of this gets a bit long, but I wanted to tell the story. Every once in awhile some unsuspecting friend at the grocery store or the Pumpkin Walk asks an innocent question like "How many kids do you have?" and they get the "whole" story. Sometimes I don't feel like just saying that I have 2 boys, so I tell them I have 3 and I'm sure they get more of an answer than they wanted! --Oh well huh?)

When I was 17 weeks along with Jayden I started to have some bleeding. My doctor checked a few things and we didn't know the source but the Dr. said that often times light bleeding isn't too serious. So we waited a few more weeks and got more and more nervous. After the course of several days and several special ultra-sounds we determined that it was probably a placental abruption (a spot where the placenta detaches from the uterus wall.) We could never see the exact spot on any ultra sounds but we found out that a lot of women have an abruption and bleeding through their whole pregnancy and are fine.

At 21 weeks I started to have contractions early one Monday morning. We went to the hospital and got all admited. Within a few hours of being there the contractions stopped and nothing had happened. We did find the abruption site and find out it was a boy! There was no dialating and so they sent us home.

The next day we went to the Dr.'s office to talk with him and he was so positive. He wanted me to see a specialist from Salt Lake that would be coming up in about 3 weeks and he told us the baby would probably come early, but not too early. We left there so optimistic! I called Bruce's mom and mine and told them that things would be just fine.

Late that night the contractions started again and we waited for them to just go away. They didn't and so we called the Dr. He told us to come to the hospital if they didn't go away soon. Well, the contractions got really irregular and we didn't want to go to the hospital just to be sent home again. Finally things were getting pretty painful and we went to the hospital.

After being there for awhile and getting settled the nurse came to check me and said that I had started to dialate. Within minutes of that she told us that Jayden would be born and that we needed to start thinking of a funeral home we wanted to work with! I was completely blown away. I still figured that my contractions would stop and we would go home. I think Bruce and I were both in shock. My doctor called within minutes and talked to me on the phone for awhile before he came over.

Without being too dramatic or depressing, Jayden was born a few hours later. We was alive for about 15 minutes in the hospital where we held him, loved him, and kissed him. Our parents and family were able to hold him and we gave him a name and a blessing in the hospital room. My favorite memory was while I was holding him I brushed his forehead with one of my fingers and he scrunched up his tiny forehead that cute way that babies do. Being born at 21 weeks he was just too small to survive and so he returned to his Heavenly Father until we get him again.

We really felt like our Doctor and nurses were the best around and we were so glad we lived close to family. It makes it easier to think that we will be able to see our little Jayden again someday. Having two wonderful boys on Earth makes it a little easier but we never forget our angel baby!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fighting Heart Disease

One Saturday Bruce and I were trying to decide where to get some lunch. C-man piped in from the backseat that he wanted pizza at Sam's Club. Since we hadn't had pizza for awhile we gave in. As Bruce, me and Baby Brother shared one piece of pizza, C-man had his own 3-meat pizza.

If you have been to Sam's Club for pizza you know this slice was literally about the size of his head and it was loaded with pepperoni, sausage and lots of bacon! Bruce and I were laughing about the number of fat grams that must be in one slice and commenting on how much of it C-man has eaten.

Out of the blue, C-man starts jumping around on the floor and doing strange things on the bench. We asked him what he was doing. His innocent reply was, "I am exercising so my body can eat more pizza."

(P.S. He did eat the whole piece, but don't worry, it was healthy since he exercised! ;if only it worked that way for me!)