Thursday, January 26, 2012

We're Still Alive!

We did manage to have some fun ice-skating!

We are still alive and kicking!
After a crazy December (full of regular Christmas stuff, Disneyland trip, multiple ear infections and some other stuff) I was feeling so motivated to start this year off all positive and put the last year behind us. Go figure that January started off with a bang.

In a nutshell;

1. Kidlet #1 got strep throat and started antibiotic #1
2. Kidlet #1 has an allergic reaction to antibiotic #1 and I get antibiotic #2
3. I think Kidlet #3 has an ear infection or strep and take him to the Doctor that is working the Sunday shift. (Said Doctor is a little ((a lot)) weird and has weird conversation skills and I leave feeling totally weirded out!....the ears have "fluid" but aren't infected, and no strep. Good-bye $85!
4. Kidlet #2 has a strange rash that I find out is strep! Start Kidlet #2 on antibiotic #1.
5. Kidlet #2 is very "strong-willed" and doesn't want to take the medicine. Told Bruce I could get #2 to take the medicine and kidlet #2 vomits all over himself and me!
6. Get Kidlet #2 antibiotic #2 (a chew-able) after a few more tries/fails with the liquid.
7. Kidlet #3 is getting worse, take him to see his aunt (a Nurse Practitioner) and find that his ear is now infected!
8. Get Kidlet #3 some medicine!
9. During all of the above there are a lot of extra days off, and extra half-days of school! Aaahhh!
10. Finally a happy ending, everyone has finished all of the above medicines and we are hoping we can stay healthy for month or two; and that school can stay in session!