Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Helpful Hint

This post is a little random, but I am trying to pass along my excitement over a good deal!
Diapers at are a super good deal and you can get them shipped for free! You need to check it out.

Basically you have to sign up for amazon mom (which is free) and then you also buy your diapers on subscribe and save (which means you get them automatically every so often; I set mine to 6 months) After you get the diapers, in 2 days, you just log back in and cancel your subscription!

Also in Parents magazine, Parenting, and American Baby they have coupons occasionally for an extra 20% off! The coupons look like this

Anyway, I won't get boring but it turns out to be like $0.14 a diaper for size 3 huggies without the extra coupon and $0.11 cents a diaper with the coupon! I thought they were a pretty good deal at Sam's club for $$0.18 cents a diaper. Lets just say we are stocking up!

After all of my rambling, here is a site that explains it all!
Gotta love a bargin!


Christmas morning we were all excited!

Over the holidays we did some chocolate dipping!

Had a wonderful time with cousins! (Yes, Baby Brother is the puppy in the nativity)

And spent some time at Great Grandpa's Cabin!

We hope your holidays were as relaxing and happy as ours!