Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer Surprise!

We had some big surprises and changes this moving to Kansas!  It wasn't something we planned on at all but it happened and we felt good about it.  Now that we have been here for about a month we are happy to be situated instead of bouncing around like we did the rest of the summer. 

 This is a random rest stop on the drive from Utah to Kansas.  We managed to make the drive several times over the summer!

 This guy could probably eat a whole watermelon if someone let him

This is called Keeper of the Plains and it is a big statue/monument by the river in downtown Wichita.  They light it up every night.  Anyone who wants to come see me can go to this!

Some of the things we are liking about Kansas so far:
1.  Most houses have these great big, open basements that are great for kids to play in.
2.  It is a pretty family oriented state.  There are just as many mini-vans and suburbans as I see in Utah. 
3.  It is fun to be close to all of the big city stuff, like the zoo, museums, great stores, etc.
4.  The QT gas stations!  They are huge and clean and have everything, plus they are everywhere!
5.  New wildlife adventures.  We have caught 3 frogs, a turtle, snakes, and all kinds of weird and huge bugs that we had never seen before. (Ok the bugs are a little gross and probably not on the LIKES list)
6. All libraries everywhere are free for everyone.  You don't have to live in a certain town to go to the library!
7.  Our new ward has a lot of fun families.

More later!