Monday, March 8, 2010

Fighting Heart Disease

One Saturday Bruce and I were trying to decide where to get some lunch. C-man piped in from the backseat that he wanted pizza at Sam's Club. Since we hadn't had pizza for awhile we gave in. As Bruce, me and Baby Brother shared one piece of pizza, C-man had his own 3-meat pizza.

If you have been to Sam's Club for pizza you know this slice was literally about the size of his head and it was loaded with pepperoni, sausage and lots of bacon! Bruce and I were laughing about the number of fat grams that must be in one slice and commenting on how much of it C-man has eaten.

Out of the blue, C-man starts jumping around on the floor and doing strange things on the bench. We asked him what he was doing. His innocent reply was, "I am exercising so my body can eat more pizza."

(P.S. He did eat the whole piece, but don't worry, it was healthy since he exercised! ;if only it worked that way for me!)


Deb said...

He's a stud!

Cami said...

Too funny! I guess I know what to feed him next time he's at my house so he will eat something.

Brittney Q. said...

That's awesome, I wish I could eat a slice of pizza as big as my head without feeling guilty. :)

Melissa said...

i need to do that, do you think my family will think i'm crazy when i start dancing around the table during dinner tommorow?

Jacob and Carla said...

LOL... he is so smart. If only it were that easy to eat junk and still be healthy. LOL