Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Holy Cow! A few weeks ago Baby Brother turned 9 months! He was 22 lbs. at his check-up. I forgot how fast babies grow. He is just starting to walk and he has this great little personality. Sometimes I look at him and he has more of the "little boy look" instead of a "baby look." He is such a sweet and happy little guy!

He is in the super-curious stage (unfortunately for the rest of the family!) Let's just keep it between us that in the last few weeks we have found him sucking on the cheese grater, playing in the toilet, sucking C-man's Wii-mote, and eating leftover breakfast that was on the floor under the table; plus a bunch of other things that keep up busy all day long. I promise we really do watch him!


Brittney Q. said...

He's already 9 months?! That's crazy!

Jacob and Carla said...

WOW, he's walking at 9 months... ???
Luke only started crawling at 8.5months...now at not quite 10 months he is cruising along furniture but still too chicken to let go. lol.
Luke is getting into the same trouble here... he was playing in toilet just the other day. LOL... Keeps us on our toes.