Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family Reunion Time

This was a brief but memorable moment at our Israelsen family reunion...The Zip Line!

Hang on C-man

I am yelling something like "Bruce, be careful!"

I have been going to Grandpa Israelsen's cabin since I was a little girl for a family reunion every summer. Now it just keeps getting bigger since my cousins are all starting to get married and have spouses and kids. We all still have a great time together. The theme this year was EFI (Especially for Israelsen's) so C-man was quite excited that he got a new T-shirt. I taught a little class called "Writing your Personal History in 1 hour." We had lots of other little classes like car maintenance, making candy, budgeting, etc. That was a new twist that we have never done before at the reunion. We still had the reunion classics like Dutch Oven dinner, the zip line, and lots of talking and laughing. Maybe next year we will actually want to stay over in a tent since Baby Brother will be a little older! Aren't families great!

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mckenzie said...

we're so sad we missed it! hopefully we'll be around next year.