Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What We've Been Up To

C-man told Santa he thinks he has enough toys. (Wise beyond his years huh!) Although that isn't what he tells me when he looks at the toy catalogs!

C-man wanted to take a few pictures, this one was pretty good!

C-man with the neighbor boys. They would have stayed out all day if we let them!

My baby turned 7 months! He is such a happy guy!

Our "Griswald Family Christmas" moment! We cut down our own tree. There are all kinds of things I could tell about this. Let me just say this one wouldn't have fit in my front room! (A great story for another time perhaps)

When we were all still excited and happy about finding a tree in the freezing cold, snowy mountains! Maybe next year we will have a better idea about what we are doing...or use the artificial tree I (really!) love.

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