Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Melt My Heart

Last week we went to the Doctors office for a 6 month old check-up for Baby Brother, and a 4- year well check for C-man. First of all you gotta know I have never been quicker than 2 hours at the Doctor since Baby Brother has been born! They are sooo slow and no matter what time I schedule an appointment someone is hungry, or tired, or bored (including me!) After wrestling and entertaining 1 or 2 kids for 2 hours I usually leave the office sweating, hungry, in a bad mood and with a crying baby.

Well this visit was following the same pattern, plus I was paranoid about my kids touching the toys in the waiting room because there have been so many sick kids lately! C-man knew he was going to have shots and was old enough to be pretty worried about it. He didn't need any at his 3 year old visit so the last time he had shots was when he was 2 and that is a long time ago!

I started wondering how or why I scheduled both boys for the same day! How was I going to hold one kid who was crying and the other to get shots! Lucky for me the nurses must be used to this situation because they just took Baby Brother while C-man was getting weighed, measured and a quick eye test.

After visiting with the doctor for a few minutes, he left and C-man knew shots were coming next. He had himself all worked up and nervous. (Although, I do have to admit I was glad I didn't need any!) The nurses came in and took Baby Brother out and then I sat on the table and they showed me how to hold C-man on my lap; wrap my legs around his, and cross his arms around himself. I felt a little bad for the poor boy and of course he was looking right at the needle as the nurses jabbed those shots in his thighs. He had 4 shots! Then as quick as they came in to give shots, the nurses swooped in with suckers and a T-shirt. C-man was so excited that he got 4 suckers..for 4 shots, and the nurses told him the t-shirt meant he never had to get shots again until he was a teenager! He liked that! He was just getting himself composed when it was Baby Brother's turn.

We laid him on the table and I didn't think C-man was paying any attention at all, but when the nurses told me to hold his hands and they started wiping the alcohol swabs on Baby Brothers legs, C-man started crying and yelling "Don't hurt my little brother! It is going to hurt him! Don't make him cry! Please, Stop!" At this point after a long visit to the Doctors office I started with a few tears of my own!

I'm looking forward to the next Doctor visit!


Deb said...

Oh the joys.

I feel their pain. Got my flu shot on Tuesday. And that was only 1 shot.

Poor little guys.

Hazel said...

Oh no!! Connor has his 6 month appointment on Wednesday. The day before Thanksgiving! We are going to have a great day :)

Jacob and Carla said...

That is the cutest thing. Luke had his 6 month about 11 days ago, and then yesterday he went for a flu shot. As of yesterday my 6.5 month old is a WHOPPING 20lbs. LOL.. How big is 'little brother'?
His picture is so super cute.
At the moment, Luke is 'reading' my July