Friday, October 9, 2009

Share the Love!

This is your chance to help someone else!
There is a little family in Richmond dealing with a big issue. Their little girl has cancer.
A friend from high school has set up a fundraiser for this family and little Taylie.
The money will be a big help to the family but I have also learned that sometimes it is just as helpful to know that someone else is thinking about you and acknowledges and supports your hard times!

Here is how it works:
Everyone that makes a post on their blog or facebook page about Taylie will earn the family $2.
Thanks to a kind donor we can easily raise some quick money for this family.

1. Link Taylie's website on your blog with any message that you'd like to about inspiring and helping each other. Then make sure to leave a link to Kylene's blog so people know where to go to enter their information, go to Kylene's blog and let her know you have linked Talie's blog to your blog, that way she knows the money pot is growing...remember each link is worth $2.00.

After the weekend they will count the comments on Kylene's blog and hopefully write a big check out to the Abbott family.

Oh, by the way...everyone who leaves a comment will be entered to win a nice, black Prada bag!

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Deb said...

Oh, that must be so hard! Thanks for sharing this.