Monday, July 19, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

These are some of my favorite "household" items.

1. ZOUT stain remover
When I worked at ZCMI (a long time ago) in the lingerie department, women would buy this by the gallon, and we were always out of it! I had forgotten about until I saw it recently at Wal-mart! It takes out every stain I've tried! Works great on blood, ketchup and those types of stains. Last time I needed more my Wal-mart didn't have it. I found it at Walgreens though.

2. Finish Dishwasher Tablets
My dishwasher isn't that great and I have super hard water and every other kinds of regular dishwasher powder or liquid leaves my dishes kinda "filmy." These work so much better and gosh dang it they are so much more expensive too! Every once in awhile I buy another thing and try it out and I am always disappointed!
3. Lime A Way
I love to clean my glass shower door with this. It kinda fizzes or something on the hard water and soap scum!

4. Kirby Vacuum
I love my Kirby! It was expensive but worth it! After listening to a few 2 hour plus demos (this was when I was nicer and didn't pretend to be gone when the salesmen come to the door) I really wanted one, but they were selling for like $1200 or something ridiculous. So, we found a new one on e-bay for way less money!

Whoa! I better stop before people think that I have a really clean house or something! Do you have any favorites in your closet?


Jacob and Carla said...

I am a 'SHOUT ADVANCED' stain remover junkie...not the regular kind.. the little blue spray bottle one, for set in stains.. when Luke had reflux and would spew orange baby food all over everything, it was the only thing that worked... even if you've accidentally dried your stained clothes...a couple treatments, and BAM, it's out! Oh, and you don't have to wash it out right away... it won't ruin your clothes if you leave it to dry on.. I lave mine for up to a week sometimes if I don't get around to laundry!
Then, I love my Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner.. so smooth! And my 401 antibacterial kitchen spray... great for disinfecting counter tops, and doesn't need to be rinsed off... just spray, wipe and go! LOL...

Melissa said...

I LOOOOVVVE Soft Scrub with bleach. I use it to clean my sinks, showers, tubs, and kitchen sink, and it works better than anything I have ever tried. I LOOOVVE how great it makes my house smell too!!!

Hazel said...

I think that I should hire you to be my house cleaner!!!

Charles and Tiff said...

thanks for the great tips! I'm always looking for favorite things to help around the house. So fun to catch a glimpse of your handsome family and read up on events in your life. I do love blogs! keep in touch!

Cami said...

I think it is time for you to post again:)