Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lookin Good

One of Bruce's brothers got married this weekend and I couldn't stop taking pictures of my cute boys in their matching ties I made for Father's Day!

I used this tutorial and my limited sewing skills!

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Jacob and Carla said...

LOL.. I just got my daily dose of Wikipedia education... I was feeling certain that cornflakes were NOT an American product, and had to do my homework... you learn something new everyday. lol.
LOVE your dress.. and the boys ties are adorable. I bought a sewing machine yesterday on ebay... can't wait to get it and start learning some basics in sewing. I don't know a thing about sewing, so it'll be interesting, but I am so in need of a hobby! Sorry we missed you guys while we were in Utah... turned out not to be the vacation trip we had hoped for with us both being sick a lot.