Thursday, May 28, 2009

Husbands Say the Darndest Things

Last Sunday we were all still exhausted from getting used to having Baby Brother around. Of course as we all got ready to have a nap around 2:00 Baby Brother decides that it is his time to wake up. So I let Bruce and C-man have a nap for awhile. Then I went down to wake Bruce up and tell him that it was my turn for a nap and he got to watch Baby Brother now. Well he looks up at me and says "Why don't we just watch him together." I think I said "what? " He told me again; "let's just both watch him." I was thinking "ya how is that going to work?"
(You must know that Bruce is the worst person at waking up that I have ever met! We have had several conversations during our marriage that he has gotten in trouble for. When I ask him later about the odd things he says he has no recollection at all. He needs a good 30-45 minutes to wake up before he is coherent.)
Well I figured he was probably half asleep when he told me that answer, but he seemed pretty serious. So of course I am tired and grumpy and so I stormed off to watch Baby Brother a little longer. When I went down a little later to wake him up I told him what he had said and he just laughed; and I got a nap, so we were a happy family again!

I feel like I may need to add a DISCLAIMER!

*Bruce is an amazing dad and a super husband! I am so lucky that I married him! He was in no way harmed during this incident! *


Melissa said...

Oh my gosh that had me laughing!

Brittney Q. said...

A bunch of teachers wanted me to say "hello" for them. So, "hi" from everyone at Lincoln.

Also, I'm glad that my husband's not the only one who does weird things. :)

Shanna said...

That is the cutest picture of the boys mowing the lawn! I love it.