Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kids Know this Stuff?

C-man is 5 going on 16 I think. He is always saying these things that we can't believe and usually we are trying not to laugh at. (Like every child I'm sure)

The other morning Baby Brother was brushing his teeth (this is his new obsession; any dentist would be proud) and playing in the water at the sink in the bathroom. I was partially encouraging him because it gave me an extra 5 minutes to get ready, but I was saying something about how he was going to use all of the water and the fish wouldn't have any more water in the ocean. I think I even mentioned Nemo and his dad.

C-man was in the other room and I didn't even think he was listening to us when he pops in to tell me, "That couldn't really happen mom, hello, it's called the water cycle!"

I guess I was wrong!

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Cami said...

Too smart for his own good! What do you teach your kids!