Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Date?

I think I may be the last one to stumble onto these great websites (Love, Actually and The Dating Divas) your husband! Around our house dates without kids are few and far between but it is something that we are going to start being better about! If anyone wants to do a fun date with us sometime, give me a call!

**Disclaimer! some of the ideas about dressing up crazy and going to town looking funny seem a bit High-school-ish **


Jacob and Carla said...

I know what you mean... Jake and I seem to get a date in maybe once every 6 months or so. LOL. I'd love to do a double date with you guys.. what a pity we live so far away... this distance thing has so many downsides. I'll be sure to check out those sites.

Shanna said...

You know I would be in for any kind of crazy date, Jake on the other hand... We'll just have to not tell him what the plans are!