Monday, December 17, 2012

Busy December

I have been feeling crazy since December started!

 First I was asked to be in charge of our Ward Christmas party and that has been on my mind for a long time!
Then we finished up C-man's first, and great basketball season
We tried to cram some family pictures in before the weather got too cold...although it was 55 today.
Get neighbor gifts ready, it is a little weird living in a new place and not knowing how people handle holidays??
Christmas shopping, haul 2-3 kids around shopping or Amazon!  Lets say a large portion of our gifts were purchased from the comfort of my bedroom!
Got new tires to prepare for the "big drive" home!
Preparing toys and surprises to entertain kiddos during the drive
Preparing Christmas to make the long trek

But we have also found lots of time to read Christmas stories, make silly gingerbread houses, listen to C-man in the Stake Christmas Cantata, watch #2 in his super cute preschool Christmas program, and remember the real reason we love Christmas so much!

 Can't wait to for our Christmas vacation home to Utah!

One of our family picture attempts..FAIL!

Making plans for the gingerbread house

The finished product, including a reindeer pen out back with gumdrop reindeer!

#2 and his best friend after the preschool program.  His bestie is moving to Utah this month!   Boo-hoo!

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