Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Big Birthday for a Big Guy

(Ok, I really can't call this little man Baby Brother anymore, but I'm still thinking of a great alias that fits his personality.)

He turned 2 last month and I can't believe how time flies. A few little things that make this boy a real charmer:
*He always does that scrunchy smile and says, "Cheese" when he sees a camera
*He is my best snuggler
*He cried every time we tried to get shorts out for him this spring (on the few warm days) until we told him they were his soccer shorts like C-man's and they would make him run fast and kick the ball hard! Magically he put them right on!
*He turns down things like donuts and cake for vegetables! There isn't a vegetable this boy won't eat! ...even red onions that I picked off my hamburger at the restaurant one night.
*He will say "mom, mom, mom, mom..." an insane number of times until I finally stop what I am doing and watch him 1)run fast, or 2)shoot a basket, or 3)ride his bike, or4)kick a ball, etc.
*He gives me a kiss every time I ask!

We are so glad he is in our family!


mckenzie said...

so are we!

Cami said...

We love this kid too!