Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Final Straw

Monday was just one of "those days!"
*Baby Brother is getting teeth / not sleeping at nights!
*Bruce is recovering from surgery / on the couch and only walking a few steps at a time with crutches
*I had a headache and wanted a nap!
*I'm supposed to be on a diet and not eating anything good!

Lets just say that when I realized I had washed an entire deck of UNO cards in the washing machine I was practically in tears!
A whole deck makes a BIG mess or the washing machine and the clothes!
The picture only shows the big pieces I could get out by shaking all of the wet clothes out! What you aren't seeing is all of the little bitty pieces that are stuck all over all of the clothes!

I'm better now! I had a nice bath with bubbles, watched a RedBox with Bruce, and had a good night sleep! Thank Goodness for a new start each day!


Melissa said...

good luck with a new day, that's been my motto the last week. right now both kids and hubby are sick, baby's running a fever (on top of teething, that's fun!) we haven't slept since last friday, i am in need of a bubble bath as well!!!

Jacob and Carla said...

You poor thing. I really feel for you. My first week back in the USA was 'one of those weeks'...it was AWFUL. I was beyond exhausted, had a horribly sick baby, that didn't sleep for more than 15 minutes day and night, and all I wanted to do was cry.
But, the sun does eventually peak through again. Sending hugs and good vibes your way. :D